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Salvatore Sicuso, Esq. has been an Attorney since 1991 and been practicing in the field of Workers’ Compensation since then. That experience exposed him to the personal injury field as well as labor and employment that entire time. When he opened his own practice in 2005, he was determined to help people in all of these fields and have been enjoying his practice ever since!

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We will not shy away from the heavy lifting your case requires, no matter how long it takes. From start to finish, your future is safe in our hands.

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We use the best legal research tools and software to make sure you not only get the best legal representation, but also that it is aligned with all the recent updates in case law and regualations.

Over 900 Cases Won

With over 30 years of combines legal knowledge, we know how to handle your case. Before hiring our firm, we provide you with a free consultation. Together we will evaluate the details of your case and determine your desired outcome. 

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Salvatore Sicuso, B.C.S.

Salvatore Sicuso, B.C.S.

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Ignacio Rodriguez, Esq.

Senior Associate Attorney

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